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Natural Eyebrow Cream

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Natural Eyebrow Cream

  • TRANSPARENT - $14.13
  • BROWN - $14.03
  • DARK BROWN - $14.00
  • BLACK COFFEE - $14.05
  • BALCK - $14.05
  • WHITE - $13.85

Natural Eyebrow Cream


Achieve perfectly shaped and volumized eyebrows with our Natural Eyebrow Cream. This innovative eyebrow shaping tool comes in 5 different colors and includes a brow brush for easy application. Simply apply the brow gel in short, upward strokes for a lifting effect. The natural formula contains no harsh chemicals and is gentle on your skin. The shaped eyebrows stay in place all day without the need for constant brushing. Create natural looks with ease and precision using our Natural Eyebrow Cream.

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