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Magical Treatment Mask 120/60ml

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Magical Treatment Mask 120/60ml

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  • 120 ml - $26.90
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Magical Treatment Mask 120/60ml


Introducing our 120/60ml Magical Treatment Mask, the ultimate solution for repairing damaged hair and restoring its softness. Suitable for all hair types, this keratin-infused Hair & Scalp Treatment is here to transform your hair care routine.

With just a few simple steps, you can achieve salon-worthy results at home. Begin by washing your hair with your favorite shampoo, ensuring it is clean and ready to absorb the nourishing benefits of the mask. After gently towel-drying your hair (no need for a hairdryer), apply the treatment mask, focusing on the lengths and ends of your hair. Remember to avoid direct contact with your scalp.

Now it's time for a little indulgence. Massage the mask into your hair, constantly working it through for 2-5 minutes. Feel the luxurious formula envelop each strand, providing deep hydration and repairing any damage along the way. Enjoy the soothing sensation as the mask works its magic, leaving your hair softer, smoother, and more manageable than ever before.

Once you've pampered your hair to perfection, rinse it completely to reveal the true transformation. Watch as your locks become revitalized, with enhanced shine and renewed vitality. Say goodbye to dry, brittle hair and hello to luscious locks that radiate health and beauty.

Elevate your hair care routine with our 120/60ml Magical Treatment Mask. It's time to give your hair the love and care it deserves. Try it today and experience the wonders of this transformative treatment firsthand.

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